The table below links to our programs for the examples in the book.

For each example, there is a program to perform the analysis in each of GenStat, R and SAS. There are many ways of obtaining the same results in each of these languages and we have chosen those that we think will be most generally helpful. Please contact us if you find errors and we will correct them. Each file contains a version number and date to make it straightforward to check for updates.

This is work in progress, and currently we provide only a bundled set of programs for each package as a zip file. A set of files for the individual examples will appear over time and we hope will be present before the end of 2014. We also hope to add a description of how to achieve the same results by using the menu interface to GenStat.

Example GenStat R SAS
All GenStat-examples R-examples SAS-Examples
(Chapters 1-7 only)